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There were stones of Dragon pillar and red wood pillar imported from China.

The construction was made similar to the southern part of Fukien province style, and it has become the biggest temple for worshipping Guan Yu in Taichung city.

When they received a redstone signal, they will stop the entire mechanism. Detector Cogwheel Combine a redstone torch and any type of cogwheel to get a Detector Cogwheel They will send a redstone signal to every block around but only if the cogwheel is spinning.

The crank is the easiest way of producing energy but it's not an automated one. The box has the same size as a regular chest but is portable.

Rods can be placed on either a solid block or another rod, and you can place cogwheels on top of them.

Special Cogwheels You can improve some cogwheels by adding extensions to them. You cannot place two special cogwheels on the same block.

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He protected the people during the Han dynasty, and his great achievements have been passed on for thousands of years in Chinese ancient time. Guan Yu has been worshipped for his loyalty and patriotism to his country.

It has a maximum speed of 120 rpm and a speed loss of 0.5 rpm.

Rod Sometimes, you don't want to have solid blocks everywhere.

The holiness and solemnness of the temple had made the incenses become more and ore prominent.

In 1986, Cai Rong Quan took over the position of the third post.

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