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If you wanted to watch then that was fine, or if you wanted to do more then that was fine as well.'At one point I went to the bathroom in the bedroom and as I walked by there were two girls on the bed having a grand old time.I thought: "I could join in, or I could watch, or I could just leave them to it," I decided to stay and watch and it was very hot.

While this was good news for a lot of men who think that they are 'too small', the new research is not quite as straightforward as it might seem.

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Body Tequila tends to break the ice and the women are quick to start making use of the venue as clothes start disappearing and the bedrooms and bubble bath gets busy.'Some choose to watch, some end up snogging all night in the corner, and lots end up trying all kinds of things they have never done before.

The parties are supposed to finish at 2am but we're often still going as the sun comes up.'She says: 'When I arrived at my first party I was greeted at the door by Geneviève and ushered into the lounge area where there were lots of beautiful women having cocktails and talking, it was all very civilised.

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