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Frascino, MD, of the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation, and an expert for The Body.com, Frascino says he’d recommend disclosing your status to your dentist, though, so that he or she could be on the lookout for HIV-specific problems in the mouth.

“Health care professionals, including dentists, are trained to look for certain conditions more closely if they know you have an underlying medical problem, be that diabetes, cancer, HIV or whatever,” he writes.

And the sooner you’re on treatment, the sooner you can lower your viral load and even reach undetectable levels where it becomes highly unlikely for you to transmit HIV to a partner. Earlier this year, a bi-monthly shot was shown as effective as a daily pill (it may still be a year or two away from your pharmacy).

So get that prescription and start taking your meds right away. So, yes, you do need to stay on your treatment religiously (pretend it’s like going to the gym or taking daily vitamins) but your treatment may not end up being a daily medication forever. Does a positive HIV test mean I have to stop having sex? In fact, most doctors will encourage you to continue having a healthy sex life. ” HIV medication reduces the amount of virus in an HIV-positive person’s blood.

Meanwhile, performing cunnilingus on someone is extremely low-risk as long as the poz recipient isn’t menstruating. The main difference for couples is that you’ll need a specialist who deals with HIV, fertility, and insemination.

Pr EP has also recently been prescribed by doctors off-label to prevent transmission during intercourse when couples are trying to conceive.

If you want to adopt or foster parent, there are protections for HIV-positive parents-to-be that ensure you can’t be discriminated against. How much do I need to tell health care workers offering me nonsurgical treatment?

All health care professionals use “universal precautions” to prevent the transmission of blood-borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis C to and from patients, according to Robert J.

They concluded that the risk of getting HIV from performing oral sex is low, citing a 10-year Spanish study of heterosexual couples with opposite HIV statuses where no new infections occurred after nearly 9,000 instances of giving head.” (In comparison, the CDC estimated that bottoming without a condom carries a transmission risk of 138 per 10,000 exposures).

If you took the at-home test, it’s a good idea to have a doctor or clinic run the second test. My partner’s test was negative, are they in the clear?

The likelihood of two false positives is extremely rare.

Some of those disparities have to do with access to health care, poverty, substance abuse, and untreated mental health issues. Ideally you should begin treatment as soon as possible, like the day you get your positive result.

But getting and staying on treatment is the first step in altering those disparities and there are government programs that can help you afford it. Early HIV treatment has been shown to provide long-term advantages.

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