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For Total, these new partnerships with Petrobras reinforce Total’s position in Brazil through access to new fields in the Santos Basin while entering the gas value chain.Between 20 Total has organized the ARGOS Challenge, a robotic competition with the aim to develop robots for their oil and gas production sites..In addition Total had other significant equity holdings amounting to about 3bn euros, treated as investments and was involved in a number of significant joint ventures, mostly relating to LPG and LNG exploration, production and shipping.

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Exploration in Algeria, then a French colony, began in 1946, with Algeria becoming a leading source of oil in the 1950s.His total annual compensation for this role was €2,746,335, consisting of a €1,250,000 salary and €1,496,335 bonus.The present chairman and CEO of the company is Patrick Pouyanné (2014 to present).As per the agreement reached during the San Remo conference of 1920, the French state received the 25% share held by Deutsche Bank in the Turkish Petroleum Company (TPC) as part of the compensation for war damages caused by Germany during World War I.The French government's stake in TPC was transferred to CFP, The company from the start was regarded as a private sector company in view of its listing on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1929.

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