60 plus sex dating

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Yet for most of us, trying to have a sex life at all, let alone one of orgasmic ecstasy, is such a struggle that we’re probably better off visiting National Trust houses, drinking nice cups of tea, reading large-print books and consigning our sex lives to our long-distant youth. We go to the cinema and theatre together, eat out in restaurants, attend lectures and visit stately homes.

We may hug and kiss and we are certainly affectionate, but as for making that leap into the bedroom — impossible.

Besides, the only way an older person of either sex can hope to attract a vastly younger partner is if you are a super-rich celebrity. Every long-married person I know has told me the same story: that they are no longer having sex (at least with each other) and haven’t done for years.

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We had arranged to meet in a pub opposite Reading Station.

But just before I was due to set off, he rang to say he had changed his mind. Online dating for older people sounds such a good idea, and ever more of us are signing up in the hope of meeting a wonderful new partner.

One reason I moved to Oxford from London was the hope that I might meet a dishy don, instead of which I just see these sorry specimens shuffling round the supermarket like tramps trying to escape the cold.

And that leads to another problem: whatever would we have in common to talk about?

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