Accommodating people with

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If you are trying to pick a movie to watch, and you really don't care, it's fine to say 'Whatever you want is ok with me'.Or maybe you want to build up credit for accommodating that you might use later.

Irishtown Cottage has the feeling of true 'Irish hospitality' with many thoughtful additions.

As strong supporters of our fabulous local producers, we can extend the hospitality to include arranging a 'tasting plate' and bottle of local wine or beers or cooked breakfast provisions including delicious local eggs and bacon to be at the cottage on your arrival.

You will be charged only for the produce and at reasonable prices.

The type of amputation and prostheses will dictate if the individual needs to be accommodated for a Gross Motor Impairment or a Fine Motor Impairment.

Of course if the individual has an Upper Extremity Amputation additional accommodations for Gross Motor Impairment, Fine Motor Impairment and Upper Extremity Amputations or a Lower Extremity Amputation as stated on the Jobs Accomodation Network.

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