Accomodating people

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Always ask first and wait for a response or direction from the individual.

The contents of this factsheet were developed under grants from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR grant numbers 90DP0089 and 90DP0086).

Some of us are born good-natured, some acquire good-nature, and some have good-nature thrust upon us. No one rings excitedly at the front door of the feed merchant and pulls him out of bed at two o’clock for some trivial purchase that might just as easily have been made before the store closed in the evening.

Chairs can be removed, where needed, to accommodate people who remain in their own wheelchairs or scooters for dining.

Mobility devices: Always ask the owner’s permission before moving a mobility device (crutches, walker, wheelchair or scooter) to an area that is safely out of the way of other patrons and servers.

Seating: Dining areas should include some accessible seating for wheelchair and scooter users dispersed throughout the available seating areas.

Temporary seating set up for special events should also include accessible tables.

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