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As for the identity portion, many app developers want to read your device's identity to make sure you're not pirating their software -- using the same app on multiple devices without permission.But it's harder for the average downloader to assess exactly why a developer may want access to this information, and granting access to your phone's individual identification number could make some people understandably wary.In fact, one flashlight app didn't tell users that it sold their location information--and was officially warned by the Federal Trade Commission.Obviously, if you're working with a mapping app, a check-in app or any sort of location-based service, those apps have a good reason to know where you are so they can do their jobs.If that makes you uncomfortable, then you can opt not to share your location data with that app, by heading to your location settings and disabling that function.The location of this setting varies by phone, but you can often find it in the privacy menu.

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Another thought is that companies often encourage you to send messages to people in your address book in order to encourage your friends to also download the app.It's hard to download any app these days without being asked some mysterious questions asking for access to your phone's microphone, camera and contacts.But there are often some perfectly logical reasons for many of the scariest-sounding permissions.It's not always clear when an app is going to send a message like this -- Linked In is the prime example of a service that sends invite e-mails users may not have intended -- so you should be very protective of your contacts.Your location: This is probably one of the most common permissions, and also one of the most personal pieces of information that you can grant to an app.

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