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obtained a potion of the most recently hacked database to verify, and found it did not appear to contain sexual preference information.Friend Finder Networks confirmed the site's security vulnerabilities to the publication, but did not explicitly state the hack had occurred.

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Unsurprisingly, the passwords revealed in the latest data haul are terrible. "123456," "12345" and "123456789." You have to go through the list to number 13 until you find the slightly more original but still spectacularly useless "pussy." Leaked Source also selected some of the longest real passwords it managed to find.So, even if you use third party applications, you won’t need to share your passwords with them.Anyway I suggest you use Twitter directly rather than other third party services to protect your twitter account from getting hacked and to ensure maximum security to it.Some malicious bots might have gained access to the username and password database of the third party service and used them for tweeting the spam message.As a result, many people found that their favorite ones whom they were following were inviting them on live webcams via their tweets.

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