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Experts aren't sure why it's so common for pregnant women to get leg cramps, usually in the calf muscles.

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It’s quite a complex process – one that requires technical know-how combined with plenty of creativity.If you needed convincing that 360 Video will take off, you should probably know that Google, You Tube and Facebook have all embraced the new video format with the option to post or view 360 videos on their platforms.(You will need to view this video on a mobile device or Chrome browser for the 360 experience! Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (1): CD000121. I'm on blood thinners for Factor V Leiden deficiency but the pain in my leg will not subside. Paracetamol is a very effective, and safe pain killer during pregnancy, there are studies and articles of research to suggest in trials it can be as effective as morphine for bone pain.

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