Aedating 4 1 nulled

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It really is a hassle if anything to come off and its not quite so much a hassle to avoid it, as in choose not to do it, but it kinda shuts down your ability to focus on it as much as off it, so both on it and off it are like opposite distraction states.We never grow tolerant to the part of it that lets us stare into one spot(Salience deterination), but we grow tolerant to the part that adds any new motivation or enthusiasm or even therapuetic contentment and calmness with the activity we are doing.So when you are taking a break from amphetamine having a way of gaining more DA in the nucleus accumbens is a good way of not getting demotivation and also refulling your synaptic vesicles, L-DOPA helps with that too but in every area of your Dopaminergics systemps only L-DOPA isnt a MAO-B inhibitor so the DA can be destroyed in other parts than the nucleus accumbens when combining Kava and L-dopa.

Occassional medicated days lighten the total load as well as allow for enhanced weeked social experiences.

Im probably never going to use another substance again in my life besides Dexedrine or Marijuana.

Looks like you discovered the secret to using Amphetamines my friend ;) We have to use it as an enhancement tool on the days where we really need a boost. Just check this website Thousands of people posting how adderall ruined their lives because their doctors told them they had this "illness" called ADD and told them they need it every day (biggest lie ever).

People with ADD or anhedonia/atypical depression/social phobia/motivational disorders have benefit from the psycology of having a tool that lets them create good nights/days, as something to infrequently remind us life is great instead of eternal blaise.

But you CANNOT go to this until your tolerance is first reset from an extended break, and I would beg anyone whos just began treatment for their ADD and likes it to use it for their first Dates, nights where essays or exams are worked on, the weekend, use it to sit in your room and jerk off twice a week, but do NOT take it everyday if your just someone banking on the medicine with blind faith to control your operation.

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