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Well, you can’t change him completely (individuals have to want to change for themselves and this is an internal shift), but I would imagine it is important to you to feel he is making an effort.

Maybe you notice he puts his arm around you while watching a movie, which may signify a meaningful step.

Operating under the idea that men are not mind readers is important here.

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Again, the idea is to be honest in your communication while ensuring your expectations are realistic.

News with a Twist's Kenny Lopez takes a look at Whats Your, where New Orleans ranks pretty high with guys spending plenty of dough for dates.

On Whats Your, it's an online dating auction where the guys pick the right price and the ladies agree to go on a first date with the gentleman bidder.

When we partner up, we bring our unique personalities, qualities and preferences to the relationship.

This includes everything from our food choices, hobbies, interests, movie selections and bedtime routines.

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