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There are many types of alternative lifestyles or niche lifestyles.

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If you're asking about polyamory, not polygamy or swinging, you can read about it on has some good info, too I would love to find more than one person to love me but so far finding one is proving to be impossible. I was in a typical couple type relationship at the time or I might have joined them. Now this ‘thread’ could not have come at a better time.It just works better to have extra hands, lip roaming about. IMHO, I think that would be the quickest way to end a relationship esp if they are married.There are a lot of web communities out there for this. Find a partner with this goal in common, and then work as a team to bring others in the bedroom. There was a program on TV not too long ago about 'swinging' where they had a few married couples and their experiences.(I don’t think I can say what was explained to me here on this post) but it had to do with sex, love, relationships and a 3-some in everything.Not my thing, and after a while I bowed out gracefully, but it was the weirdest offer I have ever had.

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    At that moment, I felt as if I were standing alone in the world, stripped of all dignity, with a big sign on me that read idiot.