Angela simmons and romeo miller dating

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You gotta be consistent." Indeed, earlier this week, Yo Gotti sent flowers to Simmons to congratulate her on her new faux fur company, Foofi and Bella.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller are high key star-crossed lovers who keep missing the right moment to explore a romantic connection.

He admitted back in November that he tried to sneak into her direct messages, only to be rejected. Reports soon emerged that Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti are dating, though that has not been confirmed.

So many think she is the subject of his breakout hit, "Down In The DM." "Yea, I got a crush on her," Gotti admitted on Hot 97.

He thinks that Angela's moving too fast with her new man.

Romeo explains that he didn't think that Angela knew her new man's birthday.

Many of his followers advised him to date a black woman because Morgan was only with him for his money.

As a result, Romeo took it personal when he found out that Angela was engaged.

He attempted to reach out to her but was unsuccessful.

And when his sister Cymphonique ask him the million dollar question, “Is Angela the one that got away? “I did some research on people with asperger [syndrome] and the spectrum,” he said. When I read the script I was like ‘man I’ve never read anything like this’ …

”, Romeo is left feeling that that could be the case … When we chatted with the No Limit Forever CEO, he opened up about how he really feels now that Angela has permanently moved on. I was inspired.” Meanwhile Gilroy told us Denzel brought the character to life in a way he never imagined.

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