Are rob and corinne from threadbanger dating

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In addition to this highly popular channel, Corrine also posts regularly on her personal channel, ‘The Corinne Leigh’ where she primarily posts beauty hacks and tips.This channel too has a very healthy following which proves just how popular this bespectacled, badass gal is among her fans.In fact, for the young lady who grew up on an Air Force base, a career as a social media personality was not exactly the first thing on her mind.However, life had some exciting plans in store for her and thus she found herself pushed into the social media scenario in 2007.Around 2004, she became acquainted with Rob Czar and started dating him.The couple soon realized their shared love for the social media and began their You Tube channel in 2007.She first became active on You Tube before expanding across other online platforms.Along with her boyfriend—later husband—Rob Czar, she began the ‘Thread Banger’ channel.

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Corrine and Rob fell deeply in love with each other in passing years and proceeded to tie the knot.

Plus the fact that Corrine often dyes her hair vibrant shades of purple and pink simply adds to her charms and makes her audience fall more in love with her!

Corrine Leigh was, once upon a time, just another normal American woman living the routine life.

” Her eccentricity is definitely something that makes this You Tuber the darling of many!

Another thing her fans particularly love about the lady is her don’t-give-a-damn attitude towards haters and her zest for living life fully, come what may.

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