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If you had a rating of 4.3 or below in any of the categories you would be penalized in search.

Powersellers were required to have a rating of 4.5 in each category.

Now that you have the background, I’m going to give you 21 tips on how to succeed selling on e Bay’s Cassini search engine.

Back then, sellers had the power to leave negative feedback for buyers and feedback was the only metric sellers were rated on. With the new DSRs in place, buyers are asked to rate sellers in four different categories with a score of one to five stars, five stars being the highest.

These ratings were anonymous, so as a seller you had no idea who would give you bad ratings.

e Bay likely put these policies into place for several reasons, including: In a nutshell, Cassini wants to deliver products to buyers at the best price, from the seller who can provide the best service.

e Bay buyers search for the keyword and then they will use the refine feature (on mobile) or start choosing item specifics on the left side (on desktop) to help narrow down the listing even further.

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