Belivers of buddism and iran dating

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Just before he died at the age of 80, Jus Asaf claimed that he was in fact Jesus Christ and the programme shows his tomb, next to which are his carved footprints which bear the scars of crucifixion.What was the function of Buddhist art at the time Buddhism was a major religion in large areas of South, East, and South-East Asia?Sogdians living or trading in Bactria adopted Buddhism and carried its teachings throughout their trading colonies all along the Silk Route as far as China.

Zoroaster was a preacher, perhaps of priestly family background, who sought to reform the religious practices of his community.

Can we establish what these sculptures and paintings meant to Buddhist believers living at a time when this art fulfilled important religious needs?

These questions are discussed, not answered, in a volume about ‘Function and Meaning of Buddhist Art’ which contains the papers of a workshop on this theme held at Leiden University in 1991.

At some point in pre-history— exactly when is not known— a prophet appeared among the Iranian pastoralists of Central Asia.

Zarathrushtra, or Zoroaster as he is more commonly known, is believed by some to have lived as early as the eighteenth century and by others as late as the sixth BCE.

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