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Black had been granted access to Duplessis' papers, housed in Duplessis' former residence in Trois-Rivières, as well as "historically significant letters from Cardinal Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve and Paul-Emile Leger, Governor General Field Marshal Alexander, Lord Beaverbrook, Canadian and French Prime Ministers and Eminent Canadian and American finance ministers side-by-side with hand-written, ungrammatical requests for jobs with the Quebec Liquor Board, unpaid bills, the returns of his ministers who were cheating on their taxes, a number of scribbled notes for Assembly speeches, tidbits of political espionage, compromising photographs, [and] a ledger listing the political contributions of every tavern-keeper in the province." They separated in 1991.Their divorce was finalized in 1992; that same year Black married British-born journalist Barbara Amiel.He did successfully complete the year as an extramural student.Black went on to a small, now defunct, private school in Toronto called Thornton Hall, continuing on to post-secondary education at Carleton University (History, 1965).He was acquitted of nine counts and four others were abandoned during the trial.In 2010 all four counts were vacated unanimously by the Supreme Court of the United States, which remanded the services statute, Black has returned to commercial life as an active investor in a number of different countries, but is not an officer or director of any Canadian or American companies. Black was born in Montreal, Quebec, to a well-to-do family originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba.On Carter's death, Black wrote: "In the 25 years I knew him, his judgment and personality were always sober but never solemn; and never, not at his most beleaguered and not on the verge of death, did he show a trace of despair.He was intellectual but practical, spiritual but not sanctimonious or utopian, proud but never arrogant. He was a great man, yet the salt of the earth." In 2001, Black was invested as a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St.

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Gregory the Great, a Papal order of chivalry awarded by Pope John Paul II and delivered by Cardinal Carter and Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic.

He has written that his faith helped him endure his imprisonment in the United States.

I have been persecuted and Barbara was under no obligation to share fully in the life-enhancing and undoubtedly character-building experience of sharing that fate with me completely.

But she has, and no one can know, and it is beyond my power adequately to express here, what her constancy has meant to me.

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