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Karen's marriage ceremony was held inside Antwerp's Stadhuis, or city hall.

Without a doubt, if one is going to be married in a town hall rather than in a cathedral, this is the one to choose.

Yet notice the supreme self-confidence of her gaze.

Karen is completely comfortable with her replete body, proud of every inch of her well-fed figure.

I was wondering if anyone would know what note would fit with in with the rest of my toms? 10" - 3E 12" - 2B floor 16"- 2C# The answer is 'any'.

When you have 1U1D, the note is usually arbitrary unless you have a faux-timpanic part and need to match a song's key. He uses the top to emulate a hand drum and the bottom to emulate Gene Krupa. To the OP -- Why would you include the snare in your progression of 4ths?

Fans earnestly hope that she will follow her older sister's lead and become a plus-size model as well.

Start thinking in terms of low/med/high tuning, and fine-tune the increment once you have both drums at the desired tension. A maj5th is also normal and a bit wider, but really there's no rule. The snare is usually tuned up a bit, higher than a 12" or even a 10" tom.

Tune your snare up to where it sounds good, then tune your toms to 4ths.

The same timeless aesthetic that governed the creation of this elaborate structure would have acknowledged Karen's replete beauty as the feminine ideal.

The couple's marriage at the Stadhuis was followed, later the same day, by an outdoor reception at a local hall.

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