Buck knife 119 dating

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He would probably be more comfortable with “friend” or “good guy”.

We at Browning think of him more as “genius” or “master craftsman.” Since teaming up with Browning he has raised the level of function, design and overall class of the entire line of Browning knives to levels never before thought possible.

Many factors such as edge retention, hardness, ease of sharpening and more -- combined with the end use of the knife -- made a huge difference in whether the knife is correct for the task you wish to perform.

My son destroyed my 18 yo buck vanguard I gave him when he graduated from infantry school at ft benning. I have dressed and processed deer and squirrel as well has tons of fish since 1993.. He had it for 8 months at fort stewart and its trash! 1 the knife is amazing the stock nylon sheath is terrible.I bought a Buck 110 in 1970, carried it a few years, but never really like it. Bill Edited by Still-A-Marine, 01 August 2010 - PM. This is where the link to US Militaria comes in, the Schrade LB7, my father purchased for me on Ebay 2 years ago.The seller said he carried it in Vietnam and let me tell you, it sure looked like it.The one I am posting looks like the Model 124 Frontiersman. IT has a black handle and has the reddish spacers at top under the pommel and above the cross guard.The lanyard hole in the pommel was done by the original owner Im guessing as I havent seen this feature on othe Buck hunting patterns.

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