Buddhist spiritual dating

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When we only have ourselves to reconcile with in life, this is less of a challenge.

In a relationship, it is 10 times harder to deal with change as identities have become linked with another.

As hard as this is to accommodate, it is working through these changes that develops us as human beings.

My current partner and I have split up for short periods on several occasions as a result of change or growth.

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However, after a few days something changed: her happiness truth of this came on my birthday, which fell at the end of the week.

It is the one thing, and perhaps thing, we can truly rely on.

When change arises, we are either able to adapt to it or we decay with it.

Unannounced, Debbie rang my doorbell saying she had a surprise for me.

Her declaration of having fallen in love with another Captain Amazing simply filled me with joy this time round.

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