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It may also fuel discussion at an upcoming public hearing on the issue.In a move pushed by the city council, patrol officers were equipped with the cameras in 2015.

On July 15, Fox station WALA-TV10 sued the city for the policy. Speaking before the council on Wednesday, WALA News Director Scott Flannigan said that the station had been seeking the policy since September, and the city had cited its need for an Attorney General's ruling as justification for a delay - but it hadn't asked the council's permission to seek that ruling until now.During the ensuing public debate over the incident, many on both sides of the issue lamented the lack of footage that might have ended speculation about whether Hurst's use of deadly force was warranted.No one went quite so far as to suggest that off-duty officers ignore wrongdoing, but many, including some council members, seemed to think the time was ripe for a review of camera policy.But they haven't provided clarity in some contentious incidents, to the evident frustration of council members.Meanwhile, police and city leaders have been slow to reveal camera use guidelines, have resisted requests for footage and have revealed some significant loopholes in their coverage.

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