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At his worst, however, Aries is selfish, naïve, and recklessly impulsive with a trail of disappointed people in his wake.

The same traits that draw you to him – spontaneity, optimism, and a health sense of confidence – could be his undoing, especially if he’s not considerate of your time or gentle with your feelings.

Taking care of her lover’s needs will come very easily to a Cancer woman, and this makes it easier for him to commit to monogamy.

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But once he’s in a relationship, he almost expects constant affection and validation, and he might act out instead of realizing that his partner just wants the same in return.The Cancer woman is a loyal partner who thrives when she feels needed and appreciated, and she will work hard to make him feel loved, protected, and comfortable in return.Of course, if you’re the Cancer woman in the relationship, your desire to feel needed might not align with your Aries man’s approach to romance.Aries (March 21-April 19) comes first in the Zodiac, and this fire sign is definitely associated with being on top.Meanwhile, Cancer (June 22-July 22) is a water sign that’s often characterized by a cool, calm surface and warm, caring depths.

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