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Said Plec, "That’s the thing with the first conversation you have after your first kiss and right now something pretty dramatic has happened and so really the next episode is all about judging where and when and how that first conversation is going to go."Enzo Plan to Ruin Sarah's Life Hits A Snag Enzo (‎Michael Malarkey) put his plan to wreck Sarah (Tristin Mays) life into motion.He may have underestimated the long-lost Salvatore.However, it was the vampire/werewolf hybrid story-line that kept Tyler around. There were almost NO flashback sequences on is married to Persia White, who played Bonnie’s mom Abbey. Mc Queen and Zach Roerig before marrying The Fray guitarist Joseph Aaron King. Also Tyle’rs surname was mercifully changed from Smallwood to Lockwood. In season 2, Isobel Flemming’s phone number 919-399-2507 appeared on the screen and when viewers called it, they heard a recording from Elena, Damon, and Stefan.

Here are 16 things you never knew about Dobrev was super sick on the day of her audition, so her performance was less than stellar. Luckily, executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec decided to stick with the name that’s in L. I realized she wasn’t with our group, so I called out to her and she turned to me and faded.Dries explained why the show chose to depart from its formula with respect to both Liz's arc and the Gilbert parents car accident."We liked the idea that there was no mystery to Elena's parents death, just like cancer just chooses you. So we wrote the scene where Marguerite was sitting with Damon and it was like a very dark scene and the studio and network read it and they were like, ' Could there be some silver lining, because this is so depressing.' There’s no answer to Elena’s parents death There is no upside to cancer. But they were like, ' It’s just so dark.' Then Julie asked Marguerite to write what would the sheriff say to her daughter at her funeral kind of thing.Speaking of cars, the crash that killed the Gilbert parents was revealed to be just an accident.I got the scoop on why Jeremy left before Bonnie returned, Liz's death and what's coming up the rest of the season. Jeremy Leaves Town on a Bus Full of Lies Jeremy lied to everyone but Alaric (Matt Davis) that he was leaving town to go to art school. I’d rather kill some stuff." Jeremy died and was resurrected several times during the course of his six seasons on the show, which was why the supernatural soap opted to have him depart alive and well this time around.

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