Casual dating how to

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How do we navigate wanting to have kind-hearted sexual and romantic explorations?

How do we take care of ourselves and others in a romantic environment that is often toxic, capitalist, and treats bodies as disposable?

On the other hand, ghosting can replicate and mirror ideas of the worth of bodies and the worth of what bodies can do.

Move forward with your partner if he responds positively to your request for commitment.Who is in control of the transaction is often mired in gender, race, dom/sub dynamics, class, and similar hegemonic narratives. Calling people sluts or prudes is damaging and not productive.Treating sex as ‘owed’ is tied to the way capitalism structures itself as goods and services that are owed and necessary to the function of heteropatriarchal hegemonies. Kindness may seem like a sort of bland, noncommittal way of combating seeing sex or people as a capitalist transaction- but politics won’t shield you from being a dick to the people you have interact with in a romantic context.It seems like fewer people are getting into relationships, making it harder for the rest of us to find “our one”.This idea of ‘the one’ is of course deeply intertwined with heteropatriarchal ideas of fulfillment. It isn’t a scarcity contest with limited resources.

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