Celebrities who use online dating new trends online dating

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They want to take time out and just be normal, feel relaxed, and connect with people without all the strings attached with stardom.

s_bukley / When you think of celebrities dating, one of the last things to probably cross your mind is the thought of a celebrity using an online dating website to find a partner.

After signing up for an e Harmony profile in efforts to switch things up and have a broader selection of men to choose from, Carrie Ann Inaba came across Jesse Sloane and the couple ended up becoming engaged to be married. show True Blood and is one of the few celebrities that has an online dating success story.

Sadly, the relationship didn’t last, but she hasn’t given up on dating just yet. She met her boyfriend, EJ Scott, on and the two have hit it off better than ever imagined.

If I had to choose between Brad Pitt stripped to the waist or an old George Clooney in a dinner jacket, George would win hands down.” Looks like Joan has high expectations in a man.

Fayes Vision/Though he hasn’t come out and admitted it, Matthew Perry is suspected of using several online dating websites, including Millionaire Match and Richsoulmate.

She secretly decided to create a account which gained national media attention once it was discovered.

We register with an online dating service to maximize our presence, build up our profile and status, add more connections, and to become more popular.

Michael Carpenter/ Failed relationship after failed relationship has encouraged Jenny Mc Carthy to give online dating a shot.

After her relationship with Paul Krepelka ended, Jenny created a profile and admits to having checked out several men between the ages of 36 and 48, hoping to find one who understands that she is a vegetarian as well as one who is a good reflection of herself.

Of course, to stay safe, she keeps all personal information to herself and doesn’t use her real name on her profile.

HRC/ Even at the age of 79, Joan Rivers proves that she is a daring woman.

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