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So that some rules are clear before it is too late.

He is a registered Class A Modern Medicine (Allopathic) practitioner with Medical Council of India He did Masters in Reproductive & Sexual Medicine after his MBBS degree.

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And guys, there's more for you inside because we got the ladies talking to give you the perfect clarification to your queries.

So here it is - 17 questions guys are dying to ask you, gals. "You don't have to match your dress to the right shade of fuchsia lipstick.

I had a finger cut, when i fucked the girl,later i manstrubated with hand , i had condom but doubts that if the girl has HIV that may contract with the condom, which may attract to my finger can i b affected ... Yesterday, I had anal sex (I'm the receptive end) with a guy from internet. In most cases if you get tested 3-6 months after a possible exposure we feel that you are safe and free of risk of HIV Regards, Dr. As such your age is 19years,you shouldnot indulge in any such activity.

What sexual fantasies might you'd like to enact one day? But "partners can be hesitant about sharing what kinds of sexual activities they would like to do" says Sari Cooper, New York City-based certified sex therapist and coach, "because they don't want their partner to know what they have done in the past with others, they have embarrassment over their desires, or they think their partner will think critically about them." It's important to get to explore them before you tie the knot, she says, and show your partner they can be open and honest with you.4. It's a good idea to get on the same page about "having sex in different positions as well as mixing and matching oral sex and manual stimulation.How do you think having kids will affect our sex life?"It's so easy to get caught up with the excitement of your sex life," says Castellanos, "that most people don't stop to think about how children will affect their sex life." By asking what your significant other thinks will change post-children, you can "explore such issues as whether you think you will be distracted or inhibited, whether you think that being a parent takes away your sexiness and sexual vitality, and also how best to develop a strategy to separate the physical demands of being a mommy from the sexual touch of a partner," she says.All of Scarleteen and its services are intended to expressly provide information, education and support within the scope of sex and sexuality, sexual health and relationships. "Marriage is a bright new beginning that often heralds a deeper dimension of a couple's sexual relationship," says Madeleine Castellanos, M. "But it would be a mistake to think that the beginning of this relationship encompassed the totality of each person's sexual expression."To grow your relationship, Castellanos says, "ongoing communication about your sexual self is essential." Start with these six questions to get on the same sexual page and to "learn about each other's values and ideals," she says.1. Expecting your sex drives to sync up from the start might be a mistake.

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