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Greek life at Penn means being financially secure enough to order an outfit for the jungle themed bid party held at a club downtown, to buy presents for your little sister, and to pay for dinners, coffee, and froyo during “dates” with your new sisters.It means corresponding with the image your sorority perpetuates and matching your sisters dollar-for-dollar to achieve the status or identity that comes with two or three often-mispronounced Greek letters.I’m not a sorority girl; I have no interest in joining a sorority.

That makes me one of 632 PNMs (Potential New Members) who endure 30-degree nights in high heels, who flounce around from house to house and desperately attempt to seem interesting in the hopes their chosen sororities will invite them back.“They seemed really sweet, but they have such a Jappy reputation! In a few minutes a Rho Gamma—an upperclassman girl assigned to help with rush—shepherds us into alphabetical order.I complain about the cold with the fellow freshmen sandwiched on either side of me, but there’s barely any time to talk before we’re crammed into the house.All conversations seem to point back to how rush is going, how we’re liking it, how we never saw ourselves as sorority girls until now.Even those who don’t rush get swept up in “The Process.” Caroline, a freshman from New Jersey, didn’t rush for financial reasons.

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