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Sorry I cant get a picture ( never mind I just found one), I dont know how, but you should really check out this game, its really fun. This is the first I post a game, so I dont know how to put it where I want it to be, so sorry if the place its in has nothing to do about where it is. Go back to Mirage, talk to Guru, goto Club & click on the big guy to the right 68. Here's our jingle for Goldfish, yes baked and not fried Goldfish, the wholesome snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off, you know their made with real cheese, even though they look like fishies, the snack that smiles back Goldfish! If early teen is one of these "young children" you speak of then I might add that this "young child" has seen much worse through her life. I don't think that it would be to easy to play games here if youre ten or eleven, so I dont think that there's much of a big deal. The Sim Girls flash game project started early in 2001. The game was first launched on,a home for flash movies and games in 18 April 2002 as DNA² Girls,then as The Hentai~Sim Girl and as Sim Girl.It is developed by an independent flash artist called Sim Man from Canadaas a tribute to a manga series DNA² written by Masakazu Katsura from Japan. It was later renamed to Sim Girls when more playable female characters were added.THE NUMBERS DO NOT CORRESPOND TO THE DAY NUMBER IN THE GAME 1.

date of transaction.6.6 is a bonus gift to all Lovemore pre-orderers. The new features are listed here: you have any feedback and questions about the new version feel free to leave comments here.

I have already sent 6.6 to all Lovemore pre-orderers.

Please remember to check your SPAM mailbox as well because most likely it is just sitting there waiting for you.

After the massive success of Sim Girls, simulations were everywhere and nearly all other web-based games of this genre were built on the skeletal structure of Sim Girls.

Today, Sim Girls still ranks number one in popularity on & it is the most viewed submission in the history and it has been played over 50 million times since 2002 on that website alone.

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