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He described a bizarre plot in which he was directed to steal the sign by a church member, a U-Va. Previous Americans detained in North Korea also have been brought by authorities before the media to “confess” their crimes, with the detainees told what to say and the reporters told what to ask. Warmbier’s parents, Fred and Cindy, have said in a statement that they hoped their son’s “sincere apology for anything that he may have done wrong” would move the government to release him.They have not respond to requests for comment after Wednesday’s sentencing.North Korea has released video footage of what appears to be Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student being held in Pyongyang, removing a propaganda sign from a hotel wall.

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Also, somewhat unusually, the corridor is well-lit.

A reporter who has visited a staff-only floor of the Yanggakdo hotel during the daytime found it completely dark, as is often the case in North Korea, where electricity is in short supply.

The Russian authorities are checking reports that a yacht with three crew on board was 'hijacked or arrested' by a North Korean ship.

A VHF radio message from the Katalexa was received from the vessel in the Sea of Japan.

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