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Best practice: Set up a policy that requires supervisors who become involved with a subordinate to report the relationship to upper management as early as possible.This gives management the chance to transfer one of the parties (usually the subordinate) to another department.And 31% percent said they ended up marrying their office amour.

Managers aren’t the only ones who need to be aware of the rules surrounding workplace romance – employees do, too.Although some employers flat-out ban manager/employee dating, many feel that’s too Big Brother – and if a top performer breaks the rules and must be fired, the organization suffers.So the company’s penalized for preventing problems that might never have come up.Here’s the latest thinking on workplace dating policies: Not too tough to spot the pitfalls here: The boss and a direct report begin a relationship.From the moment the pair is exposed as a couple, every move the manager makes is suspect in the eyes of other department workers.

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