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if payment extends beyond the current fiscal year, repayments are subject to the availability of funds; d.

the special skills the individual brings to the operating unit and how those skills enhance the ability of the organization to meet mission requirements; and e.

in the absence of offering the student loan repayment benefit, the employee would very likely leave for employment outside the Department; 4.

the departure of the employee would affect the agency's ability to carry out an activity or function deemed essential to the agency's mission; 5.

This Department Administrative Order (DAO) further authorizes Department of Commerce (the Department) operating units to make such payments. Heads of operating units are delegated the authority to make the determination to repay a student loan as a recruitment or retention incentive.

C.) 5379 and accompanying regulations found at 5 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 537, authorize agencies to repay student loans to recruit or retain highly qualified professional, technical, or administrative personnel.

Before the operating unit initiates repayment of the student loan, the current or newly-appointed employee must sign a service agreement which requires completion of a minimum three year period of employment with the Department, if the amount to be reimbursed is for a total of ,000 or less.

Regardless, the criteria must be applied uniformly and equally and be consistent with and adhere to the merit system principles.

In identifying certain categories of positions, the operating unit may further limit eligibility to those employees with their most recent performance rating at or above a certain level, for example, "commendable" or above for a five-level system.

After establishing those criteria, the operating unit must then describe how selections will be made from those employees meeting the eligibility criteria.

any other criteria or circumstances which enhance the value of the employee to the operating unit.

Where operating units decide to allow employees to apply for this repayment benefit, they must publicize the application procedures to employees.

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