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You should also note that because this information sheet avoids legal language wherever possible, it might include some generalisations about the application of the law.Some provisions of the law referred to have exceptions or important qualifications.(Corporations Act) requires the first financial year for a company, registered scheme or disclosing entity (an entity) to start on the day of its registration.The first financial year may last for 12 months or a period, no longer than 18 months, determined by the directors (section 323D(1)).This will allow us to amend the public register to reflect the new financial year for each affected entity.Notification should include: A change of financial year will affect the timing of a public company’s annual general meeting (AGM).If an entity has to prepare consolidated financial statements, you must do whatever is necessary to ensure that the financial years of the consolidated entities are synchronised (section 323D(3)).To facilitate the synchronisation, the financial year of a consolidated entity may be extended or shortened.

It does not cover the whole of the relevant law regarding that topic, and it is not a substitute for professional advice.

A holding company that qualifies for the small company regime under section 280B or the micro company regime under section 280E shall be exempt from the requirement to prepare group financial statements.

A holding company can be exempt from filing consolidated group Financial Statements if it meets 2 of the following conditions. The balance sheet total of holding company and subsidiaries taken as a whole does not exceed €6m net (or €7.2m gross) 2.

Each subsequent financial year must: The directors may make the financial year shorter or longer than 12 months by no more than seven days, to accommodate entities with week-based internal reporting (section 323D(2)).

You do not need our permission to make this change, but you do need to notify us.

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