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He has three retirement plans with former employers [a profit sharing plan, a target benefit plan and a 403(b) plan], four Traditional IRAs, a SIMPLE IRA, two Roth IRAs, an Individual(k) plan he established when he owned his own business, and a Thrift Savings Plan he now has as an employee of the federal government.He is also the beneficiary of his deceased wife’s nonqualified deferred compensation plan and her Traditional IRA.Patrick's Profile: During his career, Patrick has accumulated various retirement accounts but has lost track of the status of each.He is 62 years old and is thinking of retiring from his current job.Rollovers (See our Rollover Chart) The why, what, how, when and where about moving your retirement savings.he Traditional IRA and its offshoots (SEP, SIMPLE, rollover and Roth IRAs) play a leading role in helping millions of U. An IRA consolidation strategy can lead to reduced fees and increased buying power. However, many IRA owners are unaware of the opportunity they have to consolidate their multiple IRAs by using a “Super IRA” strategy (most common is a rollover 401k).

Keep in mind, a consolidation strategy may not always be suitable.

After reviewing the statements, Patrick and his planner determine he could combine the following retirement accounts into a “Super IRA”: In another six months (two years after first participating in the SIMPLE IRA plan), he could transfer or rollover that balance to his “Super IRA” as well.

Patrick cannot combine his two Roth IRAs into his “Super IRA,” although he could consolidate them into one “Super Roth IRA.” And he cannot roll over the nonqualified deferred compensation plan.

for clients in their 20s and 30s -- or the so-called Generations X and Y.

"One of the biggest issues for this demographic is they have four or five small accounts, and so it doesn't seem like a lot of money to them." In fact, Lewis says that he recently met with a young married couple who each had multiple old 401(k)s, with roughly ,000, ,000, ,000 and ,000 in them respectively.

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