Consolidating print and mail

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Print server consolidation could result in removing all but one print server.Or it could be reducing the number of servers to only a few.Because people instantly saw the value of printing without print servers.But was that really what the term serverless meant?The following areas in particular are cause for consideration: These are important things to take into considation as one of the main purposes of investing in a single server printing solution is to unburden IT, not to add to their workload by adding hundreds of calls about slow printers, users not being able to print and ‘missing’ print jobs. An organization might simply remove some print servers while keeping the rest of the print environment as it was before.Single server solutions can be a great benefit to an organization, provided it is suitable for the print environment. The main reason to have traditional print servers is to ensure quick processing of print jobs by not having them travel over the network multiple times.

So it makes sense that many of the traditional printing solutions adjust their offering to accommodate these changes and that new solutions keep rising to the surface.Or would ‘printing with less servers’ have been more accurate?Today, we see different terms being used, including single server printing software and solutions for server consolidation.This solution offers most cost savings and it heavily impacts IT admin time as they only have the one server to maintain (read more about the benefits).There is a large variety of single server printing solutions these days and some of these might come with limitations depending on how they manage print job submission and processing.

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