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Adamski later learned that Kennedy had spent several hours at the airbase after having canceled an important trip to New York, and that he had a long talk with the ships crew, but that he had not been invited for a flight."The quality of witness testimonies, photos and film evidence presented in the rare video (see part one above, of this investigative series), all lead to the conclusion that George Adamski was largely telling the truth about his flying saucer sightings and contacts with human looking extraterrestrials.There is however no direct physical evidence that Kennedy met with the extraterrestrials Adamski was in contact with.

If true, Adamski and his extraterrestrials played an unknown role in advising Kennedy on the best strategy for future events such as the Cuban missile crisis., confirmed that Kennedy was aware of UFOs and human looking extraterrestrials.In a June 2007 interview, Holden explained that in June 1963, while flying to Germany on Air Force One, he placed two newspapers before Kennedy where UFOs were clearly pictured on the front page.The unqualified nature of Kennedys response revealed his knowledge that both UFOs and human looking extraterrestrials were real.This is circumstantial evidence that Kennedy was either briefed or did meet with human looking extraterrestrials as Adamski claimed.

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