Daddy dom adult daughter chat

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If his submissive can manipulate him to not punish her, she will begin to loose her respect of him, he will loose the control in the relationship. When that interaction does not happen it can leave a void in me. It's a very good thread, I like hearing P/people's thoughts on the topic pro and con, especially when I see B/both sides having an open mind and just discussing and not saying "I'm right and you are wrong" like too many threads turn into.thank you again s~i for starting it...

This does makes discipline a priority in their relationship. and several outside of the public posting here have told Me they didn't understand before that type of interaction but now do *s*I like the point that both made earlier...

A "lil girl" is a submissive, with a masochism side and belongs to her "daddy", just as in any other bdsm relationship, she lives to serve and "take care" of him. But when i am in his presence, he does have the ability to make me feel like i am a "lil girl", and it's a feeling of safeness, security and love that i bask in. He is called a "daddy" because of his ability in the role of the "daddy", becomming a teacher, a mentor, the physician, the protector or other.

Lead me into the darkest corners of Your desires and i'll unlock and feed what lives inside... It is something special and something beyond words to explain at times.He offers you a deep unconditional love, consistency and stability. I also chuckled at the authors nick since babygirl is exactly what I call her *s*I have often wondered why it is across the board in all relationship, no matter what kind it is, that the use of the word baby is understood easily that when it is used, the person is not looking and thinking of the other one as a lil girl, or a lil boy but as one that is make the step of understanding what this fetish is about is so had anything to do with pedophiles or incest, it would not be involving two adults....Preferring to keep you close to him making you feel cherished and loved, protecting you from "the bad things of life". If a Dom has a need to pretend he is fucking a 12 year old, He/She can look else where. I personally think that many of the aspects of what is within this fetish is within any Ds relationship,no matter the names used, etc, etc...I have been doing some reading and research on age play. Meaning: I have my thoughts on it and I have the things I am ok with and parts i'm skittish about.Now before anyone goes screaming incest and pedophile on me this is NOT what I am speaking about nor am I condoning that illness.

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