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Anyone with information about this case can leave an anonymous tip at 248-871-2610.Danielle Armstrong and Daniel Spiller have called it quits on their relationship.The reality star, 29, who quit TOWIE for the 35-year-old Herne Bay football player at the beginning of their relationship last December, confirmed the news on Facebook.Explaining that the split was a joint decision, the blonde added that she 'was doing fine' and the duo parted ways on good terms.More than 60 search warrants have been served and hundreds of pieces of potential evidence have been collected and processed.However, although Floyd Galloway of Berkley — called a person of interest in Danielle Stislicki’s death — has been charged in an attack on a jogger in Livonia’s Hines Park, no one has been charged in the Stislicki case.The couple we’re talking about, if you *haven’t* already guessed, is Danielle M. To recap: Danielle and Wells have been friends for years—they both live in Nashville and run in the same circles—and it was confirmed on episode 2 of this season that they actually went on a date once a few years back.It obviously didn’t go anywhere but the two remained close and grew : Danielle wasn’t connecting with any of the guys there (maybe because they’re the worst?

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So if you’re reading this: do not—we repeat—DO NOT date Danielle Wells in the next five years. Danielle ended up leaving Paradise to help children in Africa (because she’s like actually a good human being and not just a Insta fame chaser) and Wells gave her the HOTTEST goodbye kiss in the history of the show and TBH it made us a little weak in the knees.Police searched that park last month for any sign of the missing woman’s body.They’re asking the public to keep their eyes peeled for suspicious items — such as a suitcase that could contain her remains.Ever since then we’ve been stalking them obsessively trying to figure out if they’ve continued this beautiful love story and for all you Dan Wells ’shippers—yes, we did give them a couple name already—get ready to swoon because we have reason to believe these two good looking people are totes in a relationship.Here, our Instagram timeline (or Insta-vestigation, if you will) of Dan Wells.

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