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Armed guards check and re-check IDs, and cash flows across the counters.April 20 has long been a day filled with civil disobedience by marijuana users, who gather in public to light up at p.m.We don't know any of these women, but Todd does, apparently, so he created this app to help him narrow his search to the 420-friendly. also aims to help jokers and smokers find like-minded midnight tokers to hang out with as friends."We designed High There!as a tool to help all cannabis consumers in places where it is legal make more thoughtful, meaningful, and authentic connections with people like them.

But we're talking nigh undetectable stonage here—not anything she can see in your eyes or smell in your beanie. Let me humbly suggest that you not broach the subject of drugs with a romantic partner this early. In my experience, pot tends to encourage a kind of permeating sensual sloth.

CEO Todd Mitchem had a bit of a dating issue that led him to create High There!

; he witnessed multiple women walk out on him when they found out he was a pot smoker.

The survey reveals many surprising facts about relationships and dating, but this year told A Plus in a press release they are "exploring a new type of relationship — the one between singles and weed." After polling 5,000 people, Match.

com revealed statistics on how marijuana affects dating.

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