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The news sparked a national discussion on whether his daughter was a suitable person to join the royal family.

Throughout the controversy – the Dutch parliament even went so far as to debate the issue – Queen Beatrix continued to embrace her son's girlfriend.

"As a daughter I find it terrible that my father won't be there," she said, "but that's the way it is, and I understand the feelings of the Dutch on the question." Instead she tried to focus on the personal joy that the wedding would bring.

She said: "When we're in the church, we have to say, 'This is our day'.

However, though the wedding would go ahead, Maxima's father would not be present.

The Netherlands law firm Blenheim is known primarily for its commercial and business law practice.She came to the world's attention in August 1999, when the pair appeared together in public for the first time.Although they were dating seriously, Maxima kept her new beau's identity hidden from her parents. When you do actually show emotion, it's like you're auditioning for an Oscar-winning movie. And also because you never cry so it's like your emotions are falling out of an overstuffed drawer. No one can tell when someone is lying like you can tell when someone is lying. Even at karaoke you're the one person who's like, "OK, who wants me to sing backup? You're Aubrey Plaza-level sarcastic without even trying. That may make you sound like you're a 1950s go-getter, but in many ways, uh, that's exactly what you are. You have dollar signs where your eyes previously were. You might have clothes all over your bedroom floor, but that floor is clean as fuck. You have no interest in being the center of attention and will gladly give that role to literally anyone else. Most people are happiest when they're drinking or partying, but you are happiest when you're responsibly achieving your goals.

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