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When ALLY (or another lender) insists you move units, we get it done FAST.#3 They have an overabundance of one particular model or too much prior model year inventory.Always tap the table for a hit, or wave your hand for a stand.Put out the chips when you want to double down or split. It looks major-league cool when you take odds on a come bet that's waiting for a point while the dealer is pushing you chips from your last win.

For example, never give the dealer verbal commands at blackjack.After a short run at UNLV, extra work in movies like When mom suggested that her daughter might do better as a card counter, Miss Brown ignored the suggestion.It wasn't until a few years later, in 2003, after a fellow dealer announced that he was quitting to card-count blackjack and take a shot at poker, that Miss Brown remembered the motherly advice.#4 WE MAKE THEM MONEY…By simply paying a premium for desirable units to book-in extra monthly revenue or by alleviating Floor Plan Interest so you can drop tens of thousands to your bottom line.#1 Allocation…Diesel Crews, Corvettes, The new Caddy ELR, or even the non-exotic. You buy through one of our dealers and you get to TURN and EARN. #2 Packages, options, or trim levels may be on CONSTRAINT from the factory.

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