Dating food

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As for which foods land people dates in the first place, the jury is still out.All the author can say is that anyone who states their love of cheesesteaks (or really any meat-forward sandwich) in their profile is someone she’d consider starting a life with.Here are 10 dating apps and sites for food and drink lovers.Good for: Men looking to pay for restaurant dates, and women willing to go on them (or vice versa) What’s the deal: In the spirit of its tagline, “Chivalry is alive,” Hi Dine is a dating site for diners who embrace traditional gender roles.

"Food and diet are significant factors in a person's lifestyle,” says Melissa Hobley, the CMO of Ok Cupid.

Since the dawn of courtship, we have struggled to make initial connections with love interests.

You live in too small a town, you’re tired of frequenting bars, and you can’t stand to be set up by another friend.

With the help of apps like Tinder and Hinge, it’s easier than ever to find a date.

But what if you’re gluten-free, vegan, or insufferably snobby about beer?

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