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Are you prepared to hear, "But you just met him, how do you know that? This is especially true if his mother shows any signs of being overly protective (which all mothers are, even if they don't appear to be at first). Unless you're ready for, "Oh so you're going away with my son and you just met him" comments (which implies that the two of you have already slept together), stay clear of any conversations where trips or long-term relationship steps are involved (at least for now).If you haven't been dating your SO for a long time, your first encounter with your their parents should never include any details on your trip to Dubai next month. Maybe his mom wants to see him settled down, or maybe she desperately wants a grandchild to show off and compete on an upcoming Facebook episode of whose grandchild is the cutest.If there's no way to clean up your story, then keep it short and simple my providing the name of your mutual friend who introduced you or the name of the place where you met. Side note: Make sure your SO is on the same page and sticks to the story.

Even if the entire family appears to hate his cheating ex-girlfriend he wouldn't get rid of, your only option is to acknowledge that you've heard all about the person and keep it short.For all you know, this is a test to see if you can handle criticism.If you're "too skinny" for his mom, you casually respond with a positive tone that you eat very healthy and you're just not gaining anything.Between the incredible conversations, great sex and endless nights of Face Time on the rare occasions when he retreats to that place called his apartment for clean clothes, life is good. As you make his favorite breakfast, you start wondering where's he's been all of your life and why did he take so long to get here.You finish his sentences and he knows what you need before you open your mouth. As he snores away, fast asleep in your bed, it feels like you've been doing this forever (only you just met and he mentioned his middle name the other night but you honestly don't remember it).

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