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The goal of Saddleback isn’t a conversion number, but to give the community hope.

If you want to be a part of a mission that brings healing to the hurting, this is the right place.

But if you’re hungry for more than boysenberry syrup and themed rides, head to Saddleback Church for some Christian fellowship.

They’re denominationally aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention, but that doesn’t mean you have to be Baptist to join this group of God-hungry Christians.

If you're too nice, you're a good Christian, but now this guy is stuck to you like a barnacle to a whale's arse no matter how politely you tell him that you're focusing on your walk with the Lord.Reason #5 - The Prohibition Against Drinking in Church [Communion Wine Excepted] Just kidding. Problem is, Christians take dating way too seriously, and at church, everyone is on their best, church-behavior.Plus, when you're screening every member of the opposite sex for desirable life partner traits, it kind of takes the fun out of dating, or most forms of social interaction for that matter.DISCLAIMER: Every guy I have ever dated that has gone to the same church has been a perfect gentleman. Awkward: You volunteer together every other Sunday and still have to see each other at church, even if it ends...awkwardly. Reason #1 - The Awkward Let's talk about the awkward, shall we? Awkward: Your friend dated his friend's roommate's set dresser's bartender's ex-girlfriend's cousin.

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