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My email is on my profile page), standard valves only, the name Robert S?

Russell is stamped inside the bellows and on the back of the reed pans and action boards, C&R Dipper stamp & Colin Dipper signature - repaired 1987, s/n is embossed onto the top of reed pans and discreetly on the action boards.

Includes the early Wheatstone English patents, Maccann's Duet patent, Jones's Anglo patent, the Crane Duet patent, Kaspar Wicki's patent for the Wicki-Hayden system, and Brian Hayden's much later patent for the same system. A very important paper describing nineteen instruments which illustrate key points in the development of European free-reed instruments, with large color photographs.

This paper was presented at the 20th Musikinstrumentenbau-Symposium at Stiftung Kloster Michaelstein, held 19–21 November 1999, to coincide with an exhibition of the instruments. Better-quality colour photographs from the author's originals have been substituted for those originally published. manufactured concertinas in two parallel series of serial numbers; Englishes and Duets were given numbers #3XXXX, and Anglos were given numbers #5XXXX.

s/n 37696, LACHENAL & CO./PATENT CONCERTINA/MANUFACTURERS/LONDON label on printed paper with clear plastic cover all glued to open oval in fretwork, English system, 60 key extended treble - air levers on each side (push-rhs and pull-lhs), ME Raised, MB, 5-fold, model is presumably a New Model see photo on my profile page (I can provide you with sharp photos by email if requested.

A valuable compendium of hard-to-find facts about minor concertina makers and dealers.

Includes available material for: Jabez Austin, Ball Beavon, Barnet Samuel, Boosey & Co., R.

Bought this one from New Zealand 26 WE(Mahogany) BB(5.6mm) 6F Anglo 193110 Lachenal label as above 20 WE(Mahogany) BB(5.6mm) 5F In a leather rectangular case with a label Harry Boy(er?

All surviving ledgers have been digitized (some 2,300 pages in total) and made available free on the web for private research.

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