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Leo doesn't have to wonder if Taurus only likes her for her sunny disposition or charming good looks because this is not an earth sign that makes snap decisions; Taurus wants the entire package. This is important because above all, Leo admires loyalty and character, and in Taurus, she'll find these characteristics in spades.

Leo should also learn to respect Taurus' methods for living.

I also have a Taurus man guide and Leo woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. Earth signs in general are attracted to me but taureans top this list. one is very Taurus while the other does not seem very Taurus at all. I am contemplating ending things with the really Taurus guy. though intelligent I found him to be awfully boring. he likes home but he stays pretty active, is spiritual, on the aggressive side, is an awesome communicator/conversationalist, highly sexed, and is so much fun! I will never be with another Taurus male unless we both do want the same thing And by the way Im a Leo female. Taurus man are all players and only see things their way or the High way they are the most selfish sign their is But they do have so charm and a lot of they are very quite so you always have to guess what there thinking about ughh the drive me crazy I agree with you Im after a Taurus man right now.

If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. the up side is that he was very sweet, respectful, borderline chivalrous, and adored me. We've been fooling around since June and it is now Dec. I pursue my men and never had a Taurus but I had A Virgo recently and LEOS with VIRGOS not a good idea!!!!!!

Leo doesn't feel that same need to plod towards a goal.

In fact, living a whirlwind lifestyle that offers plenty of adventure suits the Lion just fine.

Taurus loves the vivaciousness, creativity and warmth of Leo.

He will always find a way to avoid talking about his feelings. I can tell you that they always find me and I am a Leo man.I finally got him to tell me he likes me more than a lay. I am currently involved with a Taurus man and I am a Leo woman. a first we were madly in love, he was everything I was looking for.He is very reliable and makes me feel very comfortable because he is such a gentleman. but he was a whore and kept messing with other girls, which is the reason were not together. he puts his money before me, but he's still very overprotective of me and wants the best for me.After all, it's that very dogged and determined nature that has given Taurus all of his worldly possessions.Make this relationship work by: The one thing that will cause Taurus and Leo trouble every time is their very natures.

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