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The profile of the change in traffic is very similar to what we saw in Egypt, and leads one to conclude that this isn't the result of a group of random, unconnected events.

It seems some ISP's are still up and running, which follows the same pattern as the first shutdown in Egypt.

We understand that the shots were fired in the air, but we also believe that a couple of people have been injured ...

They absolutely will not tolerate any dissent and nor will they tolerate demonstrators returning to Pearl Square ...

Martin Chulov is tweeting from Salmaniya hospital in Manama. Lots of tweets flying around about medical treatment being denied in Manama. @Bahrain Rights doctors from Salmanya hsptl just confirmed to Al Jazeera the army are not allowing ambulances to enter the area to save the injured #bahrain The Google executive who was arrested for his role in the Egyptian uprising was barred from speaking on stage in Tahrir Square today, AFP is reporting.

A man admitted with gunshot wounds has just died, Martin says. The news agency says Wael Ghonim, who played a key role in using the internet to spark the uprising against Hosni Mubarak, was prevented from accessing the stage by men who "appeared to be guarding" Yusuf al-Qaradawi – the influential Muslim Brotherhood figure.

Two militiamen were captured by the protesters and were hanged in a square in the city after they reportedly opened fire on protesters, said one witness.

US national security and intelligence agencies expect Bahrain's government to ride out the protests and violence sweeping the Gulf kingdom, a small but vital ally to Washington in a volatile region. 1 oil producer, Saudi Arabia, appears rooted in discontent among the Shia Muslim community that is much larger than the Sunni minority dominating the monarchy and government.

A senior US official familiar with government reporting and analysis on the island nation said on Friday that Bahraini authorities believe they can handle the unrest, which has included security forces shooting and killing demonstrators. But the senior US official said Bahraini Shia viewed themselves as "nationalists" and were therefore less susceptible to outside influences such as protests roiling other parts of the Middle East or attempted subversion from neighboring Iran.

A Switzerland-based Libyan opposition activist, Fathi al-Warfali, said he had reports of protesters lynching 11 captured mercenaries in Bayda, Benghazi and the town of Darnah on Friday.

In Zentan, a female resident said militiamen attacked the city after protesters set fire to police stations and sprayed graffiti on the walls that read: "Down with Gadhafi." Officials with loudspeakers offered money for residents to stop protesting, but then cut off electricity and water, the woman said, describing how she was standing of top of her building, watching the events.

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