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Tent rental, entertainment costs, and various other expenses are costly.

This year, our feature entertainment sponsor is Heat, but in the past few months, members of our Pride Fest Committee have solicited all of the area bars.

The purpose of the MOU is to outline the respective roles and responsibilities of HUD program offices to ensure HUD compliance with NEPA and related laws and authorities, and HUD’s implementing regulations of 24 CFR parts 50, 51, 55, and 58.

The MOU defines the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in HUD’s environmental review process, establishes a governance structure to address environmental compliance issues, and clarifies procedural mechanisms to ensure and evaluate compliance.

We also have to pay for the costs of Pridefest itself.It seems that in a smaller area such as ours, we would try to unite and become a closer stronger community as opposed to alienate certain groups and local establishments because of personal problems that may have occurred in past.This can be interpreted as one person or organization that is trying to promote an establishment with close ties to Gay NEPA.“Your webs Ite only has info on Pride 2016 with Maureen Grey as contact.she directed me to your emails I would like to know the location date and time of the event.

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