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Please submit your media entries until beginning June 2017 at the latest as our team needs some time to process your data.

Orders for technical and or other services (stand building, electricity, parking passes, guest tickets..

Directions if you're using Ads Manager or Power Editor to create your ads: In order for your targeting to be compliant with Facebook's policies, you should follow the instructions below when building your audience.

Directions if you're using the API to create your ads: If you're using the API to create your ads for dating services, you should use AND statements between each set of targeting requirements.

Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.

Visit the Advertiser Policy site for more detail on how the policy is applied.

To be a registered dating partner, please contact your Facebook representative.

Please note that you'll need to create separate ads to target both men and women.

Note: Dating ads targeting people in certain countries, including but not limited to Canada and countries in Europe, aren't able to target by the "Interested In" parameter.

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