Dating sim sprites

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When you’re on a deadline (and commercial game developers are always on deadline), coordinating the disparate parts of a game is an art form.

Anyone who herds ducks for a living—editors, project managers, producers—knows the anxiety of maintaining a carefully-timed calendar that is always subject to change.

yes it’s been a long hiatus, but you are honestly going batshit insane.

Storm would like to host its very own Na No Wri Mo Writing Challenge. From November 1 to PM November 30, writers all over the world challenge themselves to write 50,000 words towards a novel.

While #ilujam’s rules state that the game you make does not need a visual element, our game company prides itself on quality visual novels, so we’re staying in our wheelhouse.

However, this means we’re depending on our limited artistic abilities for the art assets of the game: I’m designing and drawing sprites, and Conrad is making backgrounds and designing the user interface (UI).

And many dating sim have quite the character development sometimes, even if it is non-H. It is pretty hard to figure out the exact personality of each Touhou character, most of the time we are left with a very general or fanon based personality.

The UI for a visual novel seems simple, but is actually a negotiation between game and player: how can the game makers display information in a way that players feel comfortable with?

This question is hard, and I’m happy to cede responsibility for designing it.

There’s nothing so elevated about video games that suggests that developers (and the other hard workers involved in making games) don’t deserve satisfying lives—outside of work.

I like designing my production calendars around my coworkers’ lives, not in spite of them.

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